Find Your Future at an Oregon Community College!

February 13, 2024

At Oregon’s community colleges you can get training for many high demand careers with one to two years of college courses. There are even options for short-term training or certificates – just one or two terms – that can lead to higher-paying, in-demand jobs. 

And with the Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer degree you can start at a community college and then transfer to one of Oregon’s four-year universities, as well as to many private and out-of-state colleges. 

Not yet ready for a degree but need to enhance some skills? Community colleges can help with that, too. Not only can you prepare for specialized careers, but community colleges also help students improve basics skills such as math, writing, and English.

Community colleges have flexible course schedules including classes offered at night and on weekends, at different locations, and online. And the cost of courses at community colleges is significantly lower than at four-year colleges. You can save money while earning credits during the first two years of college and then transfer. Finally, enrollment at community colleges depends on a student’s “ability to benefit,” not a required grade point average (GPA) or test score. 

Whether you’re starting out, applying for a promotion, or looking for a career change, take action. Right here in Oregon you’ll find 17 community colleges with resources to get you started and moving toward the life you want for yourself. 

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Source: Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission, Office of Community Colleges and Workforce Development

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