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February 14, 2024

Not sure where to start with planning your future career? Looking for job opportunities in your chosen occupation? Or are you interested in details about the state of Oregon’s economy? Look no further than QualityInfo.org! QualityInfo.org is a site run by the Oregon Employment Department’s Workforce and Economic Research Division. The site contains wages, skills, and employment information, such as where jobs are located and future job trends for hundreds of occupations.

Several times a week, the site is updated with new articles about varying employment topics around the state. These articles cover a range of topics, including industry trends, wages and income, jobs and careers, workforce trends, training and education, and employment and unemployment.

The site contains numerous tools designed to help job seekers, employers, researchers, and anyone else looking for information about jobs, workers, wages, and all things employment-related in Oregon.

Tools on QualityInfo.org:

  • Occupation Profiles: Provides an array of information about more than 700 occupations, such as wages, projected growth, and job openings.
  • Job Finder: Allows you to search your area for jobs listed with the Oregon Employment Department and for jobs that are posted elsewhere on the internet.
  • Find Employers: Contains information on thousands of employers that can be searched by industry or employer name.
  • Wage Conversion Calculator: Allows you to convert hourly wages to weekly, monthly, or annual wages.
  • Career Explorer: Helps you filter occupations that meet your required characteristics.
  • Current Employment Estimates: Provides industry employment trends from the Current Employment Statistics program, one of the best measures of state and local economic performance.
  • Employment and Wages by Industry: Details industry employment, wages, and the number of business establishments based on unemployment insurance tax records.
  • Unemployment Rates: Provides unemployment rates for every month back to the 1970s for Oregon and each county.
  • Industry Profiles: Provides information about employment trends, wages, and staffing patterns for industries statewide and in local areas.
  • Biz News: Summarizes major employment-related news in Oregon from the Around the State weekly tip-sheet.
  • Inflation Calculator: Shows how much the value of the dollar has changed over time.

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